ESD Brushes

Our conductive brushes enable a thorough cleaning of ESD sensitive assemblies, while conventional brushes generate high charges that endanger the products and the employees. We have a variety of brushes that are composed of conductive polypropeline handles and ESD bristles. Click on the brushtype of your interest for a list of products and more info.




Our range of dissipative brushes allows thorough cleaning of ESD sensitive assemblies without the danger of high charges generated by conventional brushes.

  • Conductive carbon loaded polypropylene handle

  • Permanent static dissipative bristles, made of Nylon 6.12, superior grade, high quality Nylon filament

  • Highly resilient, durable and abrasion resistant

  • Hot-stamped ESD symbol




LPD Trade offers a quality line of ESD tools like spatulas, scrapers, scoops and shovels for hazardous environment including ATEX industry. All made of high quality conductive polypropylene.