NEW !!! NoN sparking &

ESD Brass Brushes

We launched our new Line of Non-Sparking & ESD Brass Brushes on May 2018!

The Non-Sparking & ESD Brushes are used in places where static electricity can cause a spark as well as in ATEX enviornments.

Our handles are made of conductive polypropylene unlike almost all other Non-Sparking brushes' handles that are made of wood or plastic.


The advantage?  Conductive polypropylene , a non-sparking material, discharges static electricity .

In addition, the bristles are made of brass, which is also a Non-Sparking material. 


BR201 - 1/4"

BR103 - 1/2"

BR105 - 1"

BR107 - 2"

BR9001 - 1.2"-5.9"

BR9002 - 2.4"-5.9"

BR4000 - 1.57"-3.15"

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