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ESD Food & Pharma grade Dissipative Tools

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ESD Non Sparking Scoops, Shovels, Spatulas & Scrapers

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ESD Non Sparking Conductive Nylon Hand Brushes


ESD Dissipative Brushes

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ESD Conductive Brushes & Non Sparking Brass Brushes

ESD Wipes.jpg

ESD & CleanRooms Wipes

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Several Brooms sized and handle.jpg

ESD Non Sparking Brushes and Handles

ESD Non Sparking Brooms, Dustpans & Squeegee


ESD Gloves & ESD Cut Resistence Gloves

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Thunderon Conductive Fibers and Yarns

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ESD Spiral Wrap & Laminated Sheets

LPD Trade offers a quality line of ESD tools like spatulas, scrapers, scoops and shovels for hazardous environment including ATEX industry. All made of high quality conductive polypropylene.