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About Us

Since 2005, We at LPD Trade manufacture a premium quality product line of anti-static and ESD tools for technology industries, hazardous environments, including

ATEX industry - All made of high quality conductive and dissipative materials. 

We sell our products via professional distributors all over the globe for many kinds of applications and customers' needs.


      - Our Mission -

To deliver exceptional value to our customer’s business, all over the globe, with uncompromising safety standards they can count on.

We are doing that thanks to our unique products  -  high quality anti static, Non Sparking ESD Tools & brushes.

         Why LPD?​

  • Focus on quality - premium products thanks to high quality materials.

  • Proven experience dealing with ESD & Non Sparking Tools and brushes, working with some of the biggest and leading companies in the world.

  • Our customers first - Service and customers oriented approach.

  • All over the globe sales options.

  • Versatile product line - special and customized products for precise demands.

Team work
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