We developed unique and exclusive ESD, Anti Static, Safety Tools for Hazardous locations. 

This is what we do, for over 30 years now, and we're the best at it. 

ESD Brass Brushes
ESD Brass Brushes
ESD Brushes
ESD Brushes Anti Static Brushes
ESD Tools for Hazardous Environment
working with scoops, shovels, sqeegees, brooms and more without the danger of static electricity. ATEX
ESD Janitorial Tools
ESD Anti Static ATEX products
Conductive Fibers &Yarns (Thunderon)
Thunderon (R) offers far greater control of static electricity and superiority in overall performance than conventional conductive fiber based on metal plating or carbon compounds technology.
ESD Nylon Wipes & Gloves
ESD Spiral Wraps & Lamination
ESD Smocks & Jackets
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LPD Trade offers a quality line of ESD tools like spatulas, scrapers, scoops and shovels for hazardous environment including ATEX industry. All made of high quality conductive polypropylene.