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Our Products

Our range of high-quality, unique ESD products includes Anti Static conductive and dissipative brushes, cleaning and working tools, gloves, Thunderon fibers, and ESD tubing and spiral wrapping. Our products are widely implemented in the electronic, painting, optical, and food and pharmaceutical industries, ATEX hazardous environments.  


ESD Scoops, Shovels, Spatulas, Scrapers and Funnels


ESD Tank,Tube and Bottle Brushes


ESD Multi-purpose Brushes


ESD Conductive, Dissipative & Brass Brushes

ESD Spiral Coil (1).jpg

ESD Spiral Wrapping and Tubing


ESD Buckets, Stool and Lobby Pans


ESD Brooms, Dustpans and Squeegee


ESD Food and Pharma*


ESD Wipes, Gloves, Conductive Thunderon Fibers and Yarns

PLEASE NOTE: Static electricity is variable and the assessment of potential industrial hazards is specialist and of utmost importance. We therefore recommend companies undertake in-house testing and seek expert advice to ensure the suitability of the products before use. These tools should only be used in conjunction with other measures to control static discharge from equipment and personnel, including ensuring that operators wear antistatic/dissipative footwear and gloves and stand on suitable dissipative flooring.

Warning: LPD Trade products are made of conductive material. To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not use items close to live currency/wire.

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