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Safety First

ESD can cause harmful effects in the presence of explosive powders or combustible dusts in ammunition, chemical processing, food and pharmaceutical processing, gas, oil and/or any other explosive environments. One of the major steps to prevent such effects is to use ESD Anti Static & Non Sparking tools. That's where we come in. 

LPD offers a variety product line made from high-quality conductive polypropylene that checks off all your safety boxes: We are ESD-safe, Anti Static, Non Sparking and Non Corrosive. 

Since 2005, we have grown to work with some of the leading and largest companies in the field of safety. With a proven experience and reputation, LPD’s products are the safe choice.

Improve hazardous area workplace safety with anti-static/non-sparking cleaning tools

Worker safety in hazardous areas is critical, and the use of correct tools and cleaning equipment is an important factor in removing potential ignition sources. Engineered from Conductive Polypropylene, LPD’s innovative range of Static Dissipative Non-Sparking Cleaning and Workplace Tools is designed in compliance with IEC 60079-32 and other leading international standards for use in all industries wherever there are potentially explosive atmospheres. 

In addition to the risks from electrostatic discharge in hazardous areas, conventional metal tools may also present an ignitive risk in the form of frictional or impact sparking, especially if one of the contact surfaces has become oxidized or contaminated by process materials. LPD's products provide the perfect solution for this predicament- in addition to not generating static electricity themselves, our Anti Static tools also dissipate the electrostatic


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