Manufacturer of premium non-sparking
ESD cleaning and working tools


ESD can cause harmful effects in industries, such as Explosive powder, Combustible dust, Ammunition, Chemical processing, Food and pharmaceutical, Gas, Oil and any other explosive environment. One of the major steps to prevent such effects, is to use ESD & Non Sparking tools. For this purpose, LPD offers a variety product line, all ESD & Non Sparking, made from high quality conductive polypropylene. With a proven experience and reputation, working with some of the leading and largest companies in the field of safety, LPD’s products are a safe choice.


Today, more than ever, technology is an inseparable part of our daily lives. In order to make sure that the electronic products we use will work as expected, it is crucial to incorporate anti static and ESD tools in the production process. Whether a small tech business, a big factory or any electrical workplace - we offer high quality Non Sparking ESD cleaning and working tools you can count on.


By using high quality engineered conductive polypropylene and combining conductive and dissipative bristles, LPD has provided an alternative solution for electrostatic discharge generation. LPD’s products combine corrosion resistance with low volume resistance, to prevent dangerously high levels of charge accumulation. All LPD tools are 3rd party tested within the range of 10kΩ to 100MΩ, making them a valuable addition to hazardous area operational safety protocols or for electrostatic sensitive components and areas in the field of Hi-Technology. All our products are stamped with the ESD symbol.

Conductive, Dissipative & Brass Brushes

Tank,Tube and Bottle Brushes

Buckets, Stool and Lobby Pans

Wipes, Gloves, conductive Thunderon fibers and Yarns 

Multi-purpose Brushes

Brooms, Dustpans and Squeegee

Scoops, Shovels, Spatulas, Scrapers and funnel

Spiral wrap and tubing



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